Get The Right Web Hosting

In order to have your website viewable by millions of users of internet, you need to employ the service of a web hosting company so that your website will be published on the World Wide Web. As an alternative, you can use you Internet Service Provider as your web server but this is not always available.

In order to have content on your website, you need to transfer the files from your hard drive on to the web server. You will need to use the ID and password in order to perform this task. The login details are very important because only you can access and change the files. Instructions on how to perform uploads usually come with the service that you selected.

Therefore, the choice of the provider must make smartly. There are free and also paid web hosting service out there. Paid hosting will require a monthly fee. It is best to get an opinion from your peers on how a certain company performs so that you will know about the down time, customer service and prices that the company offers. This step is important because it can save you a lot of trouble because choosing a less reputable company might give you a lot of problems in the future.

A good host must be able to guarantee the uptime of your website and provide technical support all the time. I mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the industry standard nowadays. They must also have support via email, phone as well as live chat. The faster they respond to you, the better their support is and you will know how good their company is doing. It will also show their attitude towards their customers.

A webhost that provides you with administrative authority would be ideal because you would want to manage you emails as well as changing your password from time to time to avoid hackers from penetrating your system. Therefore, a right web hosting is very important for you online business glory. Without it, you will not be successful regardless of how much time you put on building your website. No matter how great it is, the ultimate goal is to let as many people see it. That is why the web hosting is so important.

Web Hosting – Choose the Top Host For Your Website

Web hosting is a service which allows you to make your website accessible via World Wide Web (WWW). This companies provide you space on their server and they also provide internet connectivity. So you can your own website to start your online business. Your online business plan is likely to fail if you don’t have a good website and a top host for it. Only your website is the source of information for the people about your business.

Sales of your product and your income depend on your website so you need to have a good host. You have to plan well about the product and your website before you take any practical step. As you have worked hard and planned well for your business, so you should do while choosing a hosting company. You may regret later if choose a cheap web host. You will find many web hosting services claiming to be best for your website but be very careful and choose only the host which is well reputed.

Choose an extremely reliable and efficient host for your website. There are many factors that make a web host reliable. You can check a web host by contacting before you finalize. If you are provided information instantly you can consider it good host. Furthermore, that host should have efficient customer care service, so that if you have any technical problem they are available to help you to resolve it.

You should also be accustomed with the facilities, a web host provide, before choosing one. Consider the facilities of language support, bandwidth, hosting platform and web space amount etc. The success of your business is determined by a web host to a great extent so make sure to choose the top website host. A good web host can explode your sales.

Web Hosting Services And Defamation Law

Generally, a hosting provider or a domain name, is not liable for defamatory content that is on the website or the domain name. However, web hosting providers can be liable for defamation in certain limited circumstances.

§230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 provides that; “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

There are various cases where the court has found that §230 does not apply. For example, §230 does not expand or limit otherwise applicable trademark law. In the case of Hall v. Mindspring, where Gucci sued Mindspring, a web hosting provider to take down content the violated the Gucci trademark, and informed Mindspring that the website hosted by them violated the Gucci trademark on various instances and Mindspring did not take it down, the court found that Mindspring could be sued for assisting the website in violating the Gucci trademark.

This case is a prime example of how hosting providers can be found to be liable for something that is hosted on their network. If the web hosting company is informed about the violating content and consciously and knowingly refuses to take it down, then the web hosting company is not immune from suit merely because of §230 of the Communication Decency Act.

This presents a real concern for users and for web hosting providers. When is it that one knows that particular content on their networks violates someone’s copyright or trademark? Does one merely rule by exception, so to speak? This presents a responsibility on web hosting companies, to responsibly and reasonably police what is on their network and take violating content down. The line is a fine one, a web hosting company is under an inherent motive to take on more customers, even the rogue ones who violate copyright laws, and on the other hand assist and cooperate with people who are owners of trademarks.

The one sure way to avoid the likes of Gucci from going after your hosting company is to not purposefully avail of the laws and protections of the United States. That is, if the US courts do not have personal jurisdiction over the web hosting company, the US courts would be precluded from ordering the hosting company from taking infringing content down. This is an inherent principle from the due process clause of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, as applied to the States.

If you are a user who wants to use a website for such an infringing purpose the sure shot way is to find a non-US hosting company, and use a non-US domain name. The US courts do not generally exercise jurisdiction over non resident people, unless they have purposefully availed of the laws and protections of the US. (See the judgment of the US Supreme Court in International Shoe – ).

The problem with finding such a web hosting company (non-US) and a (non-US) domain name is that it tends to be more expensive. The US has great amount of competition between hosting companies, and lots of domain name providers. The industry is very highly competitive.